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Allen Saville Selected as Assistant Superintendent Liaison to the Board

Published on 1/5/2024
In December of 2023 the MiGCSA Board approved and open nomination for the position of Assistant Superintendent Liaison to the Board of Directors. A very diverse and exciting pool of candidates were generated for this position and to serve on the Assistant Superintendent Committee. Allen Saville, Assistant Superintendent at Red Run G.C. has been selected to fill the position and to chair the committee along with Vice Chairman Nick Young from Birmingham C.C. The Board of Directors was extremely impressed with the candidates and are happy to announce that the Assistants Committee now has 11 members across the state.  

Upon his nomination Allen said of this new role: "The role of Assistant Superintendent is a major part of the heartbeat that is our industry. In the 4 years I have held the position, I have seen firsthand how building relationships and communication with your peers at other clubs can have a positive impact on you. I am excited to serve as the Assistant Liaison to the Board of Directors solely to help Assistants grow professionally and create opportunities for Assistants across the state to interact with each other. Seeing how our Superintendent counter parts have a successful communication network and how effective it can be is something I hope to build within our ranks.

I look forward to working with the Board of Directors to grow Assistant specific industry events. Such as Assistant talks/meetings at industry events and look to gain enough participants to start the Assistant Match Play. This would help to build our network of industry peers that could end lasting your career. Effectively communicating information from the Board of Directors and the events set up by our chapter could lead to more Assistants being able to attend social and educational events."

We are proud to present the 2024 Assistant Superintendent Committee and look forward to their contributions to the Chapter! 

Allen Saville, Chairman & Liaison, Red Run Golf Club
Nick Young, Vice Chairman, Birmingham Country Club
Lauren Crownover, Cascade Hills Country Club
Eli VandenBrand, Cascade Hills Country Club
R.J. Karsnick, Fox Creek Golf Course
Jerry Brewbaker, True North Golf Club
Jack Thomasma, Country Club of Detroit
Jarett Weirich, Country Club of Detroit
Connor Paul, Forest Lake Country Club
Felicia Childs, Bucks Run Golf Club
Luke Spitler, Arcadia Bluffs The South Course

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