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December 2022 Dr. Rogers Update

Published on 12/27/2022
MSU Turf Update
December 2022
Greetings from the 'quiet and very snowy' Land of Green and White.

I hope you all are well and safe. We returned to the classroom this past fall, a move I think all were in favor. Enjoy this update.

Keep looking for lost souls.

Trey Rogers
Student Update - Fall 2022

The beginning Turfgrass class this fall had 28 students, 17 from the two-year program and 11 from the BS program. The numbers continue to be strong, getting stronger, and again, I attribute this to you. The formula of you finding, exciting and encouraging is a strong one - tried and true. Keep up the good work!!
Student Musings by JNR III
If you graduated in the past 35 years, you may recognize the room in the picture below - room 158 Plant and Soil Science building. This picture was taken by me earlier this month. It may seem like everyone is on their phone checking their social media, but in reality they are taking their final exam! It is an on-line exam, and these phones are capable of providing a format for successfully navigating the final multiple choice exam for Turfgrass Seminar. This format for examining started with COVID, but has proven to be quite popular for involved.

All of this description may not be necessary, but it does bring to light the point I try to make when asked by many if "students have changed" over my time here at MSU. For the most part, I do not think students have changed. They are still desperate to find a vocation they love, and are so very enthusiastic while they are here. The students vary in maturity, and that comes largely with age. They are excited, and want to be pushed out of their comfort zone.

WHAT HAS CHANGED is technology. It has provided opportunity for quicker and accurate results. This generation is very used to the technology as it is essentially woven into their life. What they can not understand is, "if it is available, why isn't it being utilized (by me/you)? I have worked hard to keep up, and it makes a difference.
2022 G.W. Hamilton Memorial Cutter Cup
Pine Lake Country Club
The Spartans made it two wins in a row this past October with a 4-1 victory over the Penn State University Turf program in the 30th annual GW Hamilton Cutter Cup Match. Host Terry Poley, class of 1994, had Pine Lake Country Club in great condition and was the typical wonderful Spartan host. The day was cool, but sunny and dry. With the speed of the greens lightning fast, many were thankful it was match play. Off to Pennsylvania in 2023!
New Cutter Cup Plaques created and given to MSU and PSU

Dr. Jim Crum came through with his promise to provide a better solution than the 'Stanley Cup' sized Cutter Cup trophy, and made beautiful state-shaped plaques for both schools to display. There are enough placards for 20 more years of matches. That should be enough to outlast me. Thank you, Dr. Crum.
2022 Homecoming Parade and Float

2022 marked a return to the normal Homecoming parade, and the Turf Club made an appearance. It was a beautiful evening and those participating are always impressed with the reception from the towns people..

See past floats on below link.
2022-2023 Student Scholarship Winners
MSU Turf students have a long history of earning scholarship awards and recognition 2022 continued a strong showing.

GCSAA Scholarship Winners
Allan MacCurrach award - Top Award for Returning Student)
Connor McBride

GCSAA scholars
Matt Dishon
Ben Grainer
Alex Nagy

Trans- Miss Golf Association College Scholarships
Matt Dishon
Connor McBride

Samuel I Russell Foundation Awards
Jackson Bemis
Ryan Wiggins

Michigan Turfgrass Foundation Scholarships

Norman Kramer Award
Matt Dishon

KT Payne Award
Connor McBride

Robert Hancock Award
Logan Complo

Sports and Commercial Turf Award
David Berger

Shanty Creek Resort—Superintendent as Executive Award
Alex Nagy

MTF Merit Scholarships
Dennis Sullivan
Adam Nadeau
Ryan Wiggins

Michigan State University Scholarships

Robert Osterman Scholars
David Berger
Trent Bortnichak
Matthew Brown
Zac Kelly

C.E. 'Tuck' and Becky Tate Scholars
Ben Grainer
Alex Nagy
Eli Vandenbrand

Hal and Mark Vogler Memorial Scholars
Cole Harter
Brendan Koss

James and Harriet Beard Outstanding Turfgrass Graduate Student Award
Jackie Guevara

Michigan Golf Course Superintendents Association Scholarship
Ben Grainer
Zac Kelly
George Lundin
Tristin Ziola

Michigan Sports Field Management Association Scholarship
David Berger
Tristin Ziola

If you would like to drop a line to any of these winners, just contact me and I will happily give you their contact information. (Several of you know I have notified you in the past on these activities, and that will continue next year as we are in a transition period with our database.)
Family Update - December 2022

And, now we have added another grandchild, Harrison, born to oldest Rebecca (and Trevor) in July. So, all three kids now have a kid! From left, Miles, Harrison, and Mila. More to come, as we are expecting round 2 by some in 2023.
We have plenty of room for students in 2023
If you have someone who is interested for Fall 2023, please have them get in contact with me. We have lots of good things happening, including WC 2026.
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