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WinField Joins Heritage Professional Products Group

Published on 10/6/2022
 WinField United Professional is pleased to announce it's joining the Heritage family as Heritage Professional Products Group (Heritage PPG) November 4th, 2022. This acquisition allows us to join forces with a company that aligns with our values of customer service and growth.

The decision to sell the WinField United Professional Products Group (PPG) to Heritage, a wholly owned subsidiary of SRS Distribution Inc., allows Land O’ Lakes to focus more on its core businesses. Heritage has developed a strong foothold in the professional product industry since its founding in 2018, having since grown exponentially in size, working to build out a national network of T&O/agronomic hubs. Leveraging our collective footprint of WinField United Pro and Heritage, allows us to have an omnipresent distribution across the United States.

Our team, mission, or customer base will not change. We will continue to provide best in class service, products (vended and proprietary), and programs.  We are dedicated to this industry, to our industry partners and our customers, and we look forward to growing in this next evolution of Winfield United Pro as Heritage Professional Products Group.

We appreciate the trust and support of our customers as we move through this transition, and to look forward to providing exciting new developments as they come.

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