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Event Registrants

This is a list of registrants for the displayed event
Title: The Can-Am
When: Tuesday, May 16, 2023, 8:30 AM until 3:30 PM

Name Type
Corrie Almack Any Non-Member
Christopher Andrejicka Any Non-Member
Kelly Barnet Any Non-Member
Ryan Beauchamp Any Non-Member
Derek Brown Any Non-Member
Aaron Campbell Any Non-Member
Stephen Carrier Active members
Kevin Collier Any Non-Member
Cam Copley Member Guest - a non-member
Eric Cowan Member Guest - another member
Todd Currie Any Non-Member
Jason D'Andrea Any Non-Member
Eric Davey Active members
Jeff Davis Member Guest - a non-member
Daniel Dingman Member Guest - another member
Kevin Doyle Any Non-Member
Steve Forrest Active members
Kevin Frank Active members
Dan Friesen Any Non-Member
Max Fusco Any Non-Member
John Gall Any Non-Member
Dave Gilbert Member Guest - a non-member
Andrew Gilroy Active members
Gary Gravett Any Non-Member
Steve Hatch Any Non-Member
Joel Henderson Any Non-Member
Evan Herman Member Guest - another member
Andrew Hovsepian Member Guest - a non-member
Adam Ikamas Active members
Joel Johnston Any Non-Member
Michael Kooy Any Non-Member
Chad Kuzawa Active members
Michael Leach Active members
Gregg Matthews Active members
Brian Mavis Active members
Ron McCall Member Guest - another member
Craig McCutcheon Any Non-Member
Erwin McKone Active members
Aaron McMaster Active members
Alexandra McNeill Any Non-Member
Gregg Menard Any Non-Member
Ross Miller Active members
Ryan Moore Member Guest - another member
Trevor Morvay Any Non-Member
Christopher Notestine Member Guest - another member
Dave Paterson Any Non-Member
Greg Pattinson Active members
Connor Paul Active members
Jeremy Phillips Any Non-Member
Terry Poley Member Guest - a non-member
Paul Powers Any Non-Member
Scott Pratt Any Non-Member
Mark Prieur Any Non-Member
Nigel Rennie Any Non-Member
Kent Rimmer Any Non-Member
Brett Roberts Active members
Travis Russell Any Non-Member
Daniel Sabina Member Guest - another member
Eric Schutman Active members
Brian Schweihofer Member Guest - another member
Scott Sharplin Member Guest - a non-member
Joseph Singles Active members
Michael Sisk Member Guest - another member
Tim Steen Any Non-Member
Gary Thommes Member Guest - another member
Nic Thommes Active members
Robert Trask Any Non-Member
Kent Turner Active members
Joseph Vargas Active members
Douglas Ware Active members
Chris Wilczynski Active members
Rusty Willard Active members
Doug Wilson Any Non-Member
Rob Wright Any Non-Member

(616) 834-0450